Turst Timetable

Inception 29 Feb 2020

Remarketing 28 Feb 2025

Maturity: 28 Feb 2030

Time to Maturity

Remaining term of the Trust in no. calendar months.

81 months

Indicative Value


Excludes tax and charges

Price / Sqm


Property Value

You may set a Property Price to generate the corresponding Trust Unit Value.


Investment Details

  • Net Asset Value
    Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Trust is the summation of the Property Value, Cost Amortization & Cash Reserve.
  • Unit Price
  • Remaining Tenure
  • Cost Amortization
    Capitalised Costs related to the acquisition of property & initial Trust expenses are straight line amortized over the Maturity. This balance represents the unamortized cost balance over the Remaining Tenure of the Trust.
  • Cash Reserve
    This Cash Reserve is kept in order to maintain the upkeep of the Property which may include incidental repairs/upgrades or for contingency expenses during a time the Property remains vacant. Future rental receipts will increase this Cash Reserve aginst expenses & Quarterly Trust Payments which maybe disbursed.
  • Average Gross Yield
    Gross Booking Receipts within the past 12 months over NAV.
    0.23 % p.a.
  • Platform Fee
    Administrative fee charged pa. over NAV
    0.50 % p.a.
  • Performance Hurdle
    The return threshold over NAV before Performance Sharing applies.
    6.00 % p.a.
  • Performance Sharing
    Returns generated by booking receipts are calculated over the NAV at each payment period. Only the returns over and above the Performance Hurdle are subjected to Performance Sharing. No Performance Sharing will be charged if the returns do not reach the Performance Hurdle.
    50.00 % p.a.

Investments Return

From Booking receipts since inception

  • Total Returns (¥)
  • Total Returns (%)
    0.00% p.a.
  • Net Yield
    0.00% p.a.
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